Michael Finn
Michael Finn


Michael Finn: Actor, Director, Filmmaker, and all around Nice-Guy

Michael is a versatile film and stage actor, known to bring an endless energy, unique ideas, and a high level of professionalism to any set. He constantly works to hone his craft, looking forward to the challenges and projects ahead of him.

Born and raised in Toms River, NJ, Michael began his foray into the arts by becoming a drummer, but it wasn't until high school that he discovered his love for acting.  He pursued his passion, obtaining a B.F.A. in acting from Montclair State University, and continued to follow his passion to New York, which he called home for many years. Now located in Atlanta, he looks forward to taking his career to the next level.

Working as both an actor and a founding member of Thaumatrope Films, he is constantly challenging himself by finding new projects, reading new scripts, or writing his own. Michael is at home both in front of the camera and on stage, and loves to bring a positive energy to the set that is both undying and contagious. Full of drive, ambition, and humor (with a touch of sarcasm), he loves to push limits, erase boundaries, create amazing art, and help people reach new heights. He embraces any chance to work with people who do the same.

And he really is a nice guy.


"It's hard to explain. I started acting because I enjoyed watching movies and going to the theatre when I was younger. Some friends and I did it in school, so it was a way to spend time together. But then as i got into it, I realized how much movies and theatre gave to people, allowing them to forget their cares and troubles for two or three hours here and there, to live for a short while in a world that is not their own. It's exactly the reason I used to go. Now I act and make movies to try to give that experience, that escape, that enjoyment to someone else; to allow them to feel the wonder that I have always experienced. Plus, there's nothing greater or more satisfying than being allowed to tell someone a story, whether it's one they've heard a thousand times or something they've never heard before, and reaching them on a deeply emotional level."