Michael Finn: Actor, director, filmmaker, and all around nice guy.

Michael is a versatile film and stage actor, known to bring an endless energy, unique ideas, and a high level of professionalism to any set. He constantly works to hone his craft, looking forward to the challenges and projects ahead of him.

Born and raised in Toms River, NJ, Michael began his foray into the arts by becoming a drummer, but it wasn't until high school that he discovered his love for acting.  He pursued his passion, obtaining a B.F.A. in acting from Montclair State University, and continued to follow his passion to New York, which he called home for many years. Now located in Atlanta, he looks forward to taking his career to the next level.

Working as both an actor and a founding member of Thaumatrope Films, he is constantly challenging himself by finding new projects, reading new scripts, or writing his own. Michael is at home both in front of the camera and on stage, and loves to bring a positive energy to the set that is both undying and contagious. Full of drive, ambition, and humor (with a touch of sarcasm), he loves to push limits, erase boundaries, create amazing art, and help people reach new heights. He embraces any chance to work with people who do the same.

And he really is a nice guy.


On why he acts

 "It's hard to explain. I started acting because I enjoyed watching movies and going to the theatre when I was younger. Some friends and I did it in school, so it was a way to spend time together. But then as i got into it, I realized how much movies and theatre gave to people, allowing them to forget their cares and troubles for two or three hours here and there, to live for a short while in a world that is not their own. It's exactly the reason I used to go. Now I act and make movies to try to give that experience, that escape, that enjoyment to someone else; to allow them to feel the wonder that I have always experienced. Plus, there's nothing greater or more satisfying than being allowed to tell someone a story, whether it's one they've heard a thousand times or something they've never heard before, and reaching them on a deeply emotional level."


But you don't have to take his word for it

I spent the better part of 2013 working with Michael Finn, first as a scene partner in The Tempest and then directing him in Othello. He is an incredible acting talent, and, if that was all he could do that would be enough, but he is also very generous with his fellow actors. He would always be the first to offer a helping hand when anyone was looking for assistance. As his director, his drive, eagerness to take direction, willingness to run lines with his fellow actors, offering to take on the role of Combat Choreographer, and of course, doing whatever it took to bring his own character to life helped to make my job that much easier. I will work with Michael again in a heartbeat.

-Ken Coughlin, Actor/Director


It's rare to find an actor as dedicated to the creative process as Michael Finn.  It's clear that he finds great joy in the discovery of his characters.  He brings vast amounts of energy, not only to his acting, but to the casts and crews that work with him.  He is truly a pleasure to work with!

- Rebecca Wilson Nichols, Director/Producer


Michael Finn is, hands down, one of the hardest workers I've ever known. Never one to rest on the comfy laurels of his talent, he is quick to lend a helping hand in all aspects of the creative process. I'm fortunate that I've gotten to work with Mike, from a collaborative as well as a directorial standpoint, and I can easily say he's made me better at both. While it's really difficult to have him leave us in the Big Apple, wherever he goes, Michael Finn is certainly a gain for that market.

-Lauren Terilli, Screenwriter/Director


I first met Michael Finn at the Sparrow film project in 2013. Michael immediately struck me as funny, witty and very passionate for filmmaking and acting. It would be less than a year that I would contact Michael to work on a film I had in production. Michael played a supporting character in my third film, a dark drama titled 'Sever' which will be completed in late 2014. Michael was exceptional on set. He brought his character to life in ways beyond what was on paper. With Michael, his talent is pure, effortless and overwhelmingly surprising. Although he's currently not in NYC, he is still at the top of my list for a role in any other future film I go into production.

- Petros Georgiadis, Screenwriter/Producer


Mike Finn's passion for his craft is something I found to be tremendously useful in the rehearsal room. His desire to explore and collaborate ideas is contagious and created the atmosphere necessary for each actor to find the depth and honesty in their characters. Mike's conviction to his character was as strong as his willingness to listen to my direction and that is something I hope every actor I work with in the future matches.

- Phil Blechman, Director/Playwright


I have worked with Michael Finn on numerous projects and I have to say that I never worked with someone who was equally talented in front and behind the camera. When he commits to a character he is that character and when he produces or directs a work of art he is intricate to his work. 

- Fady Kerko, Actor


I have had the honor of working with Michael Finn on two occasions. My experiences with him have been stellar. To start, he’s remarkably committed. I believed the role for which he was cast would benefit from a total re-sculpting of his facial hair (I wished him to be bald with a large unruly beard). I made it clear that this was optional, but Michael was more than happy to abide my creative impulses, despite whatever effect it may have had on his social life. He’s punctual and a fantastic listener-- always responding to notes with grace and consideration. Michael is a master of soft-spoken acting who can convey a full range of emotion through minimal expression. And yet, he’s not afraid to go big: I once asked him to give a line reading as though he were on fire and being chased by wolves and instantly there it was! He’s a joy to watch work with other actors, always in the moment and responding directly to the moment’s dynamic. Lastly, throughout even the most grueling day of shooting or rehearsal, he’s a constant force of positive energy and humor-- I’ve yet to hear a complaint out of him, and he radiates pure joy to anyone fortunate enough to work alongside him. He has my highest recommendation.

- Alex Coulombe, Playwright/Screenwriter/Director


Mike Finn is a consummate actor! As his instructor/director, he is always professional, prepared and brings amazing results through craft and talent!

- Anthony Grasso, Actor/Professor


I had the pleasure of directing Mike in my short film Otis back in 2010. He is dedicated to his craft and brings something special to each role he portrays. Mike is one of the easiest actors to work with who truly believes in the collaborative effort it takes to bring a character to life, while both taking direction exceptionally well and bringing his own originality to the role at hand. If down to earth and genuine is what you are looking for in a performer than Mike is your man. I look forward to working with him in the future on more expansive work and trust him wholeheartedly with any character I'd present him with. A true professional.

- TJ McGowan, Director/Screenwriter


Michael Finn is an intelligent and selfless actor who embodies the collaborative process. Off stage he is a team player who often volunteers to do more than imaginable for the show.

- Danny Bateman, Producer