Happy New Year!!!

While 2015 is only 2 days old, and already I am extremely busy, I just wanted to take a look back on 2014 before moving forward.

2014 was a year of change. I left the northeast where I have spent my entire life, giving up my apartment in NYC and leaving all my friends behind to venture out to Atlanta to pursue my dreams and passions. It was scary, it was difficult, and more than once I wondered if I made the right choice. 

Then I found my home. 

I started taking class at Premiere Actors Network, and I was welcomed in with open arms. I have pushed myself though the difficulties, both social and financial, and have become more focused and ready than ever before. I made it into our showcase, and really had a great time (see video two posts earlier!) and also signed with a great agent! I have recently completed the first draft of a screenplay and am working on two series projects with some new friends as well as gearing up to shoot a web series another friend has put together. There is still a lot of work to be done, but I feel that this year is going to be amazing.

I do miss NYC and my friends there, but my passion and my heart are happy and I know great things are coming. I look forward to the future and am thankful for the chances I have received and the new friends I made.

No post about my gratitude and happiness, however, would be complete without thanking my family. My mother, father, sister, brother-in-law, uncles, and aunts have all been so extremely supportive and helpful through this transition and I cannot say thank you enough! I truly am blessed to have such amazing people in my life. 

Now, bring on 2015!